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Low lighting your hair: play with your hair a little more!


Exactly opposite of Highlighting , Lowlighting is a technique of coloring hair in darker shades to the base that can extensively change your complete outlook. Best for blonde haircolors as blondes have a natural light base color that magnificiently spells out the lowlighted hair tone. It depends upon the choice of the person as to how one prefers his haircolor to show off. Large chunks of lowlights give you an intense young look preferably an Emo’s and you dare to stand out from the crowd. Little strands of even lowlights adds glamour and oomph to your outlook. Lowlighting the roots of your hair till one to two inches can drastically put off 5-10 years off your age. Try lowlighting blonde color with shades of copper, shades of brown, black or auburn. Multicolor lowlighting adds volume, depth and playfulness to hair especially dull limp ones. Make sure you get this done from a perfect hair color specialist. Don’t forget to use a color protective shampoo, conditioner and volumising mousse to maintain its shine.

One distinctive look is lowlighting only the ends of your hair. See here for Shakira’s curly ends. Trust me it suits perfectly to any hairstyle and can be even done at home with flawlessness. For more bolder looks, try lowlighting chunks of your hair to give that different glimpse of you.
Wassup new : Try coloring the front or the side fringe of yours with lowlights to give that bold and glamorous look combined in one.

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