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Layered short bob: Create your attitude!!


Short bobs are the easiest hairstyles to flaunt and show your rock hard attitude. Today the layered short bob is in, to mark your feminine side with your rebellious attitude. Layered bob creates a sense of self dependency and a cool persona. Anybody sporting this look is bound to be thought as an independent, free, modern and stylish. The look is chic and can be casual as well as formal. To have this haircut, you need to get yourself styled from a professional. Get your haircut done razor wise. In this way, the ends are not blunt but spiky creating chic. Get your bangs cut the same way. Short bob usually rests above the ear but may be a little down too. Spread lots of mousse. Go for side bangs, front bangs or asymmetrical cuts. Experiment your looks and create fashion statement of your own.

Wassup New: Get your hair colored for some enhanced attitude. Go for highlights on layered bob and show what you are!!


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