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The ‘Heidi’ braid: The crown braid hairstyle


Crown braids are one of those vintage hairstyles that have come back. Being popular in the teens and combined with a messy look, they have completely changed from what they used to be. Crown braids are shaped like crowns and wrapped around the head like a flower crown. This hairstyle is also called as the ‘Heidi’ braid. This Egyptian look is easy to make and flaunt.

For this look, make a side partition of your hair or a small center one or a no partition at all. Start braiding from the side of the ear, towards the back and come on the front along the margin of the forehead. Take thinner stripes of hair to interwine in every weave of hair. Use extensions for short hair. Make the plait long as to it travels from its point of origin to the back and front till where it started. It gives a crown appearance to the look.  Secure with bobby pins at distances. Pull out two flicks from either side of the center partition. You may even attach flowers to the whole plait. When sleekly done, it looks elegant. Do it some day to have that different feel.

Wassup new: You can go for thinner braids or thicker ones as you want your look to be. For thinner ones, you can keep the rest of your hair in a bun. This Egyptian style is unmatching!


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