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Crystal head wraps: Perfect hair accessory for your wedding


Crystal head wraps are larger versions of hair clips that usually adorn most of the head portion that is exclusive of bun, ponytails or loose hair. They actually make most of their usage during weddings and functions that ooze feminity. Crystal head wraps may be available as head bands, semi head coverage or full head coverage. Their styles may range from being simple to being heavy and large, as one desires. They are usually large and add to the bride look by acting as a temporary crown and creating a niche of its own. It is an essential part of the bride hairstyle and raises the look of the dress. Be it a bun, loose hair or updoโ€™s, they are practically used with every hairstyle especially on weddings.

Lots of styles have been embedded and blended nowadays to give that modern appearance like inclusion of beads, chains, crystals, pearls, flowers, gems, etc. They have been used in the vintage era too and they are absolutely adorable. They come in various colors but have been mostly used in white for brides. Even if you go to some evening event, your crystal head wrap would be the talk to the day!. They usually have clips behind them to attach and are completely secure. Try this one for a different look before wedding and collect compliments!

Wassup new: You can total head wrap too that comprises of a bead cap totally covering the head. It is unique and a must try at least for once.

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