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Wedding on the row: different wedding hairstyles.


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You are wearing white and you havn’t yet decided on your hairstyle. Well choosing may be difficult, after all its your D-Day! Most of the brides go for updo’s. Well that’s an option.  To look completely sleek, a clean updo is the best. If you have longer hair, go for buns. A stylish sectioned bun is the best. A half-tie is a good option for medium sized hair. Different styles can be opted like waving curls, thick messy waves, sleek ponytail, high buns etc.

For a beach wedding, the hair left loose is the best to go for. Attach bigger flowers on the side and ole! You are done! Go for side buns if you want a change. You can use big crystals to make your look a princess like or fix flowers on the side behind the ear or go for a crown of flowers on the top of your head. Make sure you fix the veil properly. You can even go for front poofs and crystal hair clips. Choose from a variety and make your wedding memorable!

Wassup new:  Choose a style that you have not adorned before so that your look completely changes, after all you want your look to be best and different. Make sure you practice the look before your wedding day so that in case you do not like it, you may always change.

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