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Hairstyle With Rolled Bangs


Hairstyle with rolled bangs is one of the most glamorous ways of styling the hair for any special occasion. In this the bangs will be curled into a large roll at the halfway down on the forehead. This is mostly used by the celebrities during special events as it gives a very unique look. It is also known to be a classic element of pin up hairstyle and there is no need to cut your hair to create this hairstyle. This style can be easily achieved on any type of hair whether it is long or short. But it takes few attempts to make it look perfect on any type of hair. While creating this hairstyle make sure that you follow a proper method to get it done quick and easily.

To get this hairstyle, first divide the portion of the hair which is at the middle of one eye to the middle of other eye. The divided section must run an inch back to make it a rolled bun later. Next apply a little amount of hair wax on your fingers to spread it over the bangs. Now wrap the end of the bang section around your fingers to make a circular shape. Then hold the circle with the thumbs inside it and start rolling the hair under or upwards the hairline. Pin your hair at the bottom after getting the hairline and curve the ends of the bangs pin it with a bobby pin.

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