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Poofy Hairstyle


The poofy hairstyle was a popular style during the 1980s and it is also worn by most of the people in the present day also. It is worn by many celebrities including Gillian Jacobs, Goldie Hawn, Sarah Jessica Parker and others. Having a full and ample look can make a beautiful and attractive hairstyle. Some people will have natural volume in their hair and others can achieve it using few styling products. If you are planning to get this hairstyle there is no need for going to a hairstylist as it can be achieved at home by following few simple steps.

To get a poofy hairstyle, first cleanse the hair using styling products which are poof-friendly and then condition the hair. Next apply a generous amount of mousse if you have long hair or little amount can be used for medium to shorter hair and towel dry it. Blow dry the hair by angling your head to the side and vertically lifting the sections of your hair. Use a paddle brush to smoothen the hair while drying the locks. To add big curls to your hair first wash the hair and blow dry it. Then add large hot rollers to the hair and leave it for twenty minutes and style it with a round brush. At last part the hair on the opposite side of your head and mist it with a little amount of hair spray to end the styling process.

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