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Shoulder length curly bob: Volume at its best!


Adele here shows her hair’s best style at the Grammy’s. Her natural hair is beautifully blonde and shine out healthy. Her thick curls are absolutely ruly and do function out well. Her hairstyle is clean thick-curly and totally compliments her chubby face. No doubt she was a total win at the Grammy’s!

To create her hairstyle, you need a proper volumising wash and deep conditioning. Blow dry. Use mousse. Now make a side partition and tease the hair from the ends to above to create height and volume. Straighten up the hair leaving the ends with a straightener. Again tease the hair. Now, take a thick curling rod and curl the ends of the hair towards outside all over. You will get thick curls at the ends. Open up some of the curls with your fingers to give some messy effect. Spray on a little hair spray and comb lightly near the roots to give cleaner effect near the first two inches near the roots. Give a shot of hair spray again. Your look is done!

Wassup new: When you go for simple hairstyles, you must go for greater shine in your hair. At the end, go for some spray shine to add the effect. The curls will speak out and the upper straight half of the mane will look stunning! Go on!!

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