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Renaissance Hairstyle


The Renaissance Hairstyle was based on the Greek art with loosed curls and braids. This hairstyle was elaborate and they were styled adding jewels, ribbons and false curls. Most of the Renaissance Hairstyle created with the hair that is not washed very often which helped it to stay for a long time. One of the most popular hairstyle during this period was intricate braiding and women used to style their hair by adding ribbons or beads. At present, this type of style is not worn by many people as it takes lot of time to create it.

There are different types of styling options such as creating small braids from the crown of your head and then pulling the hair to the back of your head leaving some tendrils in front. Another option is creating long loose curls with a comb and dividing the strands of hair above your ears. Then pull the narrow braids to the back of the head and secure it with a ribbon. Next you can part the hair in the center of the head and curl both the side with a curling iron. Finally, create long curls that hang down in front of the ears and divide it each side of your face to braid it. Then wrap the braids around the top of your head and secure it using hairpins. You can also add ribbons, jewels and other styling items to the hairstyle to make it more attractive.

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