Creating barrel bangs can increase the volume of the hair easily. This hairstyle has been used from many decades which involve curling the bangs with a large roll. This method of styling the hair is done with both hot and cold rollers or even a curling iron is used to form the bangs into a large and circular shape. After completing the shape of your bangs you can use a comb to brush the hair to look like a fluff or even straighten any loose ends. There are many celebrities who this type of hairstyle for special events. There are two simple way of creating this hairstyle at home which includes roller barrel bangs and curling iron barrel bangs.

To create roller barrel bangs first you must brush the bangs forward using a comb to make it tangle-free. Then collect the bangs in one hand and mist the hair with a medium-hold hair spray. Now you can curl the roller under the hair and wrap the bangs around the large roller. Remove the roller after 15 minutes and comb the bangs to style. To have curling iron barrel bangs first spritz the hairs with a medium-hold hair spray and maneuver the hair in the barrel. Start rolling the curling iron under the bangs and stop it about 1/4 inch away from the scalp. After removing the curling iron leave the hair for few seconds and use a brush to comb the hair.

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