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Hairstyle With English Plait


The English Plait is a perfect way of styling the hairs with long braids and it is also a classic way of styling the hair. It is the most basic plait hairstyle that involves weaving three equal sections of hair together. This is also the most preferred hairstyle by the teenagers and many celebrities wear it for special events. It is an attractive and very useful way of keeping the hair pulled back of your head away from the face. This hairstyle can be suitable for most of the people including children, teenagers and adults. To create this style there is no need to get help from any hair specialist as it can be easy achieve at home.

It is very easy to get this style, start by brushing the entire hair at the back of the head toward the nape of your neck. Then separate the hair that you want to braid into three segments. Now take one of the segments to cross it over the center segment and the right segment will become the new center. Next take the left segment of hair to cross it over new center segment to make it the new center segment. Tighten the braid as per your desire and continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair. At last secure the hair using hair tie and mist all over the hair with a lightly hairspray to get into the look.

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