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Mini Twist Hairstyle


The Mini Twist hairstyle is considered to be an alternative style for cornrows and it is a perfect hairstyle for teenagers with coarse and thick hair. In this style the length of the hair may vary from medium length to long and the small sections of the hair will be tightly twisted close to the scalp. Most of the teenagers who like to have a hairstyle that reflects their personalities and individuality will prefer this type of style. It is also considered to be one of the most funky way of styling the hair. To make the hairstyle look perfect try to get help from a hairstylist and also to consume less time.

To create this hairstyle you must have lot of patience, first you must wash your hair completely and deep condition the hair. Then rinse the hair fully and start spreading a little amount of styling gel all over the hair as it will help to hold the twist in place. Now collect a section of the hair which is about1-2 inches and twist it. You can use your fingers to collect small amount of hair and start twisting it. Next make sure to twist the hair that is close to the roots as possible to create the twist properly. Continue this process for the rest of the hair too to create mini twist. The time taken to create this hairstyle may vary depending upon the length of the hair.

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