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Faux Pixie Hairstyle


The faux pixie hairstyle is a very unique way of styling your hair as it combines two different styles together. There are many celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Helen Mirren, Emma Watson and others who have used this hairstyle to look different. If you want to keep the hair long without making it short for this style, then you can also create a temporary pixie style. This type of hairstyling became popular during the 1920s which was considered to be a rebellious style that was worn by the flappers. Here are few simple methods to create this hairstyle on your own without cutting the locks.

To get faux pixie hairstyle, start by applying a little amount of serum all over the hair when it is still damp. Then blow dry the hair with a hair dryer to make it smooth and create severe side parting. Next use a hairbrush to slick your hair back on the side of the parting. Keep your hair on the opposite side and pull it across the forehead. Now start twisting the hair around your ear and continue to the back of the head. Secure it with hair pins and complete the roll at the back of the ear at the other side of the head. Again tuck the ends of the hair and secure it using hair pins. At last mist all over the hair using a hairspray to avoid any flyaways and end the styling process.

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