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Beach Hippie Hairstyle


The Beach Hippie hairstyle can be a perfect choice if you are planning to attend a beach party or a wedding. In this style you will have natural waves which can be achieved by using lot of mousse on your hair. This is a very common hairstyle that is preferred by most of the people including celebrities who wear this hairstyle for special events as it can be easily created. To get this style you may try the following method instead of going to a hair stylist.

It is easy create this hairstyle, first make sure that the length of the hair is medium to long. Start the styling process on a day old hair by flipping it over and spritz a little amount of hairspray under the hair. Next flip the hair upright and spray on the top. Collect the bang-hair area and use a bobby pin to secure it in place to continue styling the rest of your hair. Curl one inch section and wrap it around curling iron and then remove the bang section that was pinned. Use your finger at the nape of your neck into the hair and make messy by shaking it completely. Then pin back a piece of hair on both side of the part and secure it together using a bobby pin. At last mist all over the hair with a shine spray and leave it to dry naturally to get into the look.

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