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Zig Zag Updo


The zig zag updo is a very unique way of styling the hair and it is usually used by small childrenโ€™s. In a traditional updo the straight hair will be parted to the side and then pulled back to create a French twist or a bun and in this hairstyle there will be zig zag part on top of the head giving a classic updo a modern twist. There are only few people you may see wearing this type of hairstyle as it is mostly preferred by young children and it also consumes lot of time to create it. There are different types of updo that can look good on you, but having this hairstyle will make your look attractive as well as unique.

To get this hairstyle, first divide the hair three sections and backcomb the top at the crown area to secure it with a head band. Then comb the middle section to create a ponytail and use the bottom section to create two strand braids by just pulling the bottom up. Use a bobby pin to secure it and then braid sections on both the sides. Next push two of the strands while holding one and secure it with bobby pins or you can also split the ponytail into sections. Next turn the braids up and then use bobby pin to make it look like a messy bun and leave out few small pieces to create a spiky look.

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