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Pillow Bun


The pillow bun is a very unique way of styling the hair. This hairstyle is not preferred by most of the people as it takes lot of time to create it. There are only few celebrities who like wear this hairstyle which includes Sarah Jessica Parker and more. This can easily give a dramatic look for anyone who wears this hairstyle. To get this style first you must make sure that your hair is long enough to create a bun or if your hair is short try to add extensions to make your look perfect.

To create this hairstyle, first mist all over the hair with s styling hairspray and then comb it back of the head. Then collect all of the hair to create a ponytail and determine the place where you are going to place the bun. If you are planning to keep the bun at the back of your head, place the ponytail one and half inch above the hairline at the nape the neck. Secure the ponytail with a coated elastic band that is similar to your hair color. The hair form will add fullness to the hair to serves as a base to keep the bun larger. Now lean forward to make the ponytail fall down around the ring. At last secure the ends of the hair around the head as a ring and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to get into the look.

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