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Sloppy Joe Hairstyle


The Sloppy Joe hairstyle is also known as sloppy bun which can be created on top your head. This style will look edgy and messy which is not perfect choice if you are planning to make your look casual. The hairstyle can be worn if you are attending any other important events. There are many celebrities who have been seen with this style in the red carpets or down to suit any occasion. You can make your look if the hair is curly or frizzy as they are the perfect choice for getting this type of hairstyle. Here are few ways that can help to achieve this hairstyle without any problem, but try to curl your hair with a curling iron if you have straight hair.

To create a Sloppy Joe hairstyle, first you need to brush the hair out or create a ponytail on top your head and secure it with hair band. Then collect mall parts of hair from the ponytail and curl them using a curling iron. Now you can pint it to your scalp around the base of the ponytail with bobby pins and leave the hair to spread out in different directions to make it look messier. Next use finger under small sections around the face and pull the hair from ponytail to create tendrils around your face only if required. At last use a styling hairspray and spritz it all over the hair to get into the look.

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