The Elfin Haircut has been there for a long time now and most of the women are updating this style every day. This style will have shorter sides along with wispy bangs, instead of a textured cut. It is also considered to be a very low maintenance hairstyle as the sides and back is cut very close to the head. You must follow a razor-cutting technique to achieve a complete elfin style which will soften your facial features and also taper the ends of your hair. There are also many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it gives a very different and beautiful look.

It is very simple to create this hairstyle, first cut the hair with a layered contoured shape along with fringe on the both sides and neck. The crown hair must be cut shorter and the bangs must be cut below the brows and swept to the side. You can also tapper the ends of the hair with a razor cut to soften your facial look. Next you must wash the hair completely and leave it to dry naturally. Then spread a little amount of mousse all over the hair and blow dry the hair with a small round brush. Now apply a generous amount of shine serum between your palms and spread it all over to get a shiny look. You may also use styling products to make the look more dramatic as well as fun.

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  1. Classic Outfit: Black short dress, with black high shoes.. classical hairstyle.. black and white makeup.. not that much makeup.. accessories

  2. Hospitals should employ nail technicians to give me a mani/pedi… I wanna have pretty nails while I heal since I’ve no makeup or hairstyle

  3. RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

  4. BEYONCE: “Some artists… they focus on their image, they’re hairstyle, or their clothes … I focus on how my music is going to evolve.”

  5. @levisherwood congrats Madrid champion!! First time ive watched you ride.. Respect to you and your team.. Classic kiwi hairstyle too.. Lol..

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