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Indian Braids


Indian Braids are known to be one of the most popular styles among the Indian hairstyles. It can easily give an adorable and practical look for those who are very young. The hair can be kept away from your face while doing any work as it can be pushed at the back of your head. This hairstyle may look a little juvenile for older women if they wear it on a regular basis, but it can be a perfect choice if you are going out for hiking or playing and cleaning anything. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it gives a very young look. You can follow these steps to make the hairstyle look perfect.

To create this style, first brush the hair and try to part it at the center of the head. Then secure the hair on one side of the hair to avoid it during the braiding process. Now divide the one part of the hair into two sections front of the head, between the temple and part. Start crossing the right section over the middle section of hair which will make it the middle section. Next cross the left section over the middle section making it the middle section. Continue the process until you create a braid. Repeat the same process to the other part that was secure earlier. At last secure the hair with a tie and remove it from the opposite side of the head.

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