The Remy Hair is one of the best hair extensions available that is available in the market. It is also called as virgin hair, raw hair and cuticle hair. This hair gives a perfect and most natural appearance when compared to other human hair. This is mostly preferred for wigs and hairpieces as it has an appealing quality. There are also nonremy hairs which may have swept bundles or other textures of hair which had been bundled. This type of hair will be shinier, smoother and healthier in appearance when compared to other hair. Once you wash the hair, it will not be tangle as it will not be chemically processed.

There are different types of Remy hair such as single-drawn Remy hair which is collected from the donor made of different lengths and double-drawn Remy hair which is sorted after collecting it from the donor to keep the cuticles in a similar length. It is also the most expensive Remy hair as it takes lot of time to sort the cuticles. Those who use a remy hair extension may feel less matting and tangling compared to the individuals using a regular human hair extension. The word Remy and virgin is used as synonyms even though this hair is not necessarily virgin, but it is a Remy. There are also other types of Remy hair which may lead to confusion while selecting one, but the most popular Remy hair Indian Remy hair.

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  1. Hospitals should employ nail technicians to give me a mani/pedi… I wanna have pretty nails while I heal since I’ve no makeup or hairstyle

  2. BEYONCE: “Some artists… they focus on their image, they’re hairstyle, or their clothes … I focus on how my music is going to evolve.”

  3. RT @KINGVictoria_: RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

  4. Those were my favorite hairstyle, but they take hours for me to do cause of all this hair πŸ™ I get bored after like 10mins of doing my hair.

  5. You can change your clothes, change your hairstyle, your friends, cities, continents but sooner or later your own self will always catch up

  6. RT @KINGVictoria_: RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

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