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Hair Taping


The hair taping is wearing the hair bound to your head using a ribbon or tape. This type of hair styling has been in practice since a long period of time. It can be considered as a very comfortable way of wearing the hair as the weight is distributed evenly over your head. The ribbons will create a very soft way of attachment. The hair tape is easier to work than using a glue and it may be preferable as you will not coating the scalp using a chemical. There are many things that are required for this style such as a hair that is at least mid-back length, 2-3 yards of ribbon that is white or colored, large blunt tipped needle and hair elastics.

To use an hair tape, first keep the toupee on a table and brush the hair away from the edges. Then cut the hair tape in small pieces and use them on the edge of the skullcap and avoid extending it beyond the skullcap material. Next peel the wax paper strip off from the backside of tape before using it. Make sure that the air tape able to support the toupee for a long time. At last keep the toupee on the head make sure you avoid any hair from the toupee to get under the skullcap, between the tape and scalp. Try to press the on the edge of the toupee to keep it attached to your scalp.

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