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Slanted Bob Hairstyle


The Slanted Bob is mostly recognized hairstyle which is worn by Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour and other celebrities. The hair will be cut shorter at the back and longer at the front of the head. It will also appear as though there is a very distinct angle downwards starting from back of the head to your chin. This hairstyle is known as a very mature and professional cut which is easy to maintain. It can be achieved with the help of few simple tools like the flat iron and medium-barrel curling iron. This hairstyle is a perfect choice if you are planning to keep your hair short for a long time.

To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair completely with a shampoo and condition it with a everyday hair-care product. Then part the hair down the middle and blow dry the hair or dry it naturally. Next secure the hair in place and comb it at the back of your neck. Using mirrors start cutting the hair with scissors below the comb evenly and slowly. Keep the comb at an angle which should stay from the newly cut hair at the back of the neck down toward the chin. Now cut the hair below the comb, following the slanted tilt of the comb to move it right side of the hair. At last keep the comb pointing it from the newly cut hair at the back as well as down toward the chin.

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