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Angled Pixie-Bob


The angled pixie-bob is a very beautiful hairstyle which can give a sense of self confidence. This can be a perfect choice of style if you have a short hair as it can provide a great deal of styling convenience for those who are very busy. It can look good especially on fine-boned faces and it has the capability to attract people around you. Most of the celebrities prefer this hairstyle as it can be achieved very easily as well as give a beautiful look. Here are few simple methods that can help you to get this hairstyle in a perfect way.

First wash the hair using a shampoo and then condition it. Next towel dry the hair and comb it through to get rid of tangles. Cut the hair to create layers on the sides and back of the head. Take the front hair from a side position and cut the longest section of hair. Comb the hair head from both directions to the center at the top of the head before cutting the hair. Most of the people will stop the styling here to keep it simple. To make it more attractive, starting from the front of the head comb one half inch slices from left to right which must held straight forward on a horizontal plane. At last spritz all over the hair to keep the hairstyle in place and to make it more beautiful add any hair accessories.

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