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Headband Braid


The headband braid is a very unique way of styling your hair for any special occasion. It is one of the most used hairstyle among the celebrities as it gives a very attractive look. This style was popular during the 1970s and 1980s where most of the people preferred it because of its unique nature. You must be ready to tilt your head sideways while creating this style and the headband which is made out of the hair must be securely attached to the scalp so it can hold o without slipping. This can be a perfect hairstyle if you want the hair down but out of the way.

To create this hairstyle, first tilt the head one side to brush the entire hair back away from the ear. Start drawing a line with a comb from top of the ear, up across and then over to the top of the other ear. Brush the left out hair in back of the line to create a ponytail and hold it in place using a rubber band. Divide the hair into three sections from first strands at the base the ear and braid it tightly. Once you reach the other ear while braiding secure it with a rubber band at the end. Next leave the ponytail loose at the back and tuck long piece of braid at the back of your ear. Finally mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to get into the look.

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