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Upside Down French Braid


Upside down French braids is a hard but perfect hairstyle for special events like weddings. Most of the people including celebrities wear this hairstyle to look very unique and attractive. This hairstyle looks very striking in any way such as contemporary or formal. In this style the French braids will start from the nape of your neck or at the bottom of your hairline and then move up towards the crown. While creating section, a new strand of hair will be added into the braid which will make it sit closely to your head in a structured appearance.

The front and crown of hair will be styled with bangs, combed into a side-part or pulled back. The braid hair from the nape of your neck will go straight up to the crown creating a tidy decorative back. Long hair will look formal when it is braided so you may try to create a braided bun. You can also create a ponytail and curl the ends with tongs. Then clip them safely so to make them hang down at the sides of your head in ringlets. Try to make the hairstyle more attractive by wearing accessories such as flowers or hair band. You may also add tiny pearls or crystals to decorate the hairstyle and also match the style with a proper dress. Make the braid chunkier by adding a hair-piece which is a perfect way of styling the hair for a wedding.

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