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Gwyneth Paltrow Bohemian Braid


Gwyneth Paltrow has got a very beautiful hairstyle with bohemian braid which is one of the most used style by most of the celebrities. This style will make you look beautiful as well as attractive as the hair will be braided. There are many women prefer this type of hairstyle which can be created easily in a very less time. You must make sure that your hair is long enough to get this hairstyle, because you must be creating a braid which needs longer hair. This hairstyle uses the technique of French braiding and it will look good only if the hair is extends beyond the shoulders.

To achieve this hairstyle, first part the hair and collect a small amount of the hair with your hands. Next divide the small sections into three different sections and pull the top strand of hair on the middle strand and bottom strand of the hair over the middle strand. Collect a small section of hair above the braid and pull it into the top strand of the braid. Now pull top strand of the braid on the middle strand and collect a small section of hair below the braid again to pull it onto the bottom strand. After completing the braiding process you can leave the remaining hair loose or create a bun by connecting all the braids. At last match the bohemian braid with cotton and flower accessories, loose clothing, a large hobo purse, brown sandals and paisley.

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