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Jada Pinkett Smith Faux Hawk


Jada Pinkett Smith has got a beautiful faux hawk hairstyle which is a perfect way of styling the hair for any special occasion. This hairstyle will give you a very unique look as it is created in a very different way. Most of the celebrities wear this style to make their look more attractive. To achieve this hairstyle, you must make sure that the length of the hair is medium to long. But sometime short hair can also be a perfect choice to create this hairstyle. To make the look good try to get help from a hairstylist or if you want to try this style at home here are few steps to help you. You must have simple hair products to create this hairstyle in few minutes using your hands.

To get this hairstyle, start the styling procedure on a day old hair as a newly washed hair will not make the styling process difficult. Then add a little amount of styling gel on your hands and spread it all over the hair. Now mold the hair on top of your head to a peak using your hands to create a faux hawk style. At last spritz the hair with a little amount of hairspray to avoid any flyaways and also keep the hairstyle in place. This hairstyle is very much similar to a Mohawk, but it will look less dramatic because there is no need to shave your head while creating it.

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