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Katy Perry’s Bettie Page Hairstyle


Katy Perry has got a beautiful Bettie Page which is one of the most popular hairstyle that is preferred by most of the celebrities. This style is known after Bettie Page who was one of the most beautiful icons of the 1950s who is known for her blue eyes, curvy figure as well as a trademark hairstyle. Most of the women wear this hairstyle as it can be easily achieved without any difficulty as well as in a quick time. Here are few simple methods that can help to get this hairstyle.

To create this style, first you must prepare yourself to color the hair to get the Bettie Page look which is dark brown or black. You may also create this hairstyle without dyeing your hair also, but may it may vary from the actual look. Cut the bangs short which should stay in a equal length across your entire forehead using rollers or a curling iron. Use a relaxing product if your hair is naturally curly or blow dry it using a diffuser and round brush to create the curls. For a straight hair, use rollers and set the curls with a lightweight hairspray. Now you can tame the bangs with a large curling iron as they must come straight down with little bounce and volume. Finally mist all over the hair with a hairspray and add a large flower on the side of your head to make the look more attractive.

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