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Brooke Burke Hairstyle With Spiral Curls


Brooke Burke has a got a hairstyle with spiral curls which is very simple and most beautiful hairstyle worn by many celebrities in the present day. Those who have straight hair would like to create curls at some time during those lives to get this unique look. This style will also make your hair shiny as well as bouncy with beautiful curls. It is important that use the right product to create this hairstyle as you may spoil the look without proper styling items. Here are few simple methods that can used to achieve this hairstyle in minutes.

To create this hairstyle, section the hair and use a hair brush to make it completely smooth. Next start twisting the lock of hair tight with a curler set which should like a dreadlock and hold the base of a curler to wind the twist up the length of the curler. Make sure you don’t roll the twist onto the curler, but you must hold the curler with one hand and move the wrist in a circular motion. Then use a clip to secure the curler that comes with the roller set. Continue to twist the hair completely and wound in rollers. After the moisture infuses into the hair and steam evaporates you can take the hair down. At last use your fingers to style the curls as per your desire and spritz all over the hair with a light hairspray to end the styling process.

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