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Elvira’s Hairstyle


Elvira hairstyle is one of the most unique way of styling your hair. This style is very similar to the Beehive hairstyle and it was used to be very popular during the 1960s. Most of the people find difficult to create this hairstyle so they wear a wig which looks just lift this hair. The hair will be long and black, but it will be short from the front and few curls on top of them. There are many online stores which offer similar wigs and accessories if you have problems in creating this style. Here are few things that must be taken while creating this hairstyle.

To achieve this hairstyle, make sure that the length of the hair is long enough to make the style look perfect. Next place a knee-hi nylon or paper towel on the upper part of your head. Then back comb the entire hair until it gets into a half ball domed shape. You can get the desired shape by creating this style in other head before you plan to wear it. You can secure the style using hairpins which will also help to add more lift to the hair at the crown of the head. At last spread a generous amount of hairspray all over the hair to avoid flyaways and get into the hairstyle. This style also needs some additional puff on the top the head which can be done by back combing the hair.

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