Meryl Streep has got a hairstyle with side bun which can be achieved with a medium to long hair. This style can be a perfect choice for a casual day or a dramatic evening. It was first introduced in 1920s where most of the people used to wear this hairstyle to look simple. In this hairstyle, the hair will be smoothed back at the nape of your neck and pulled to the side. You can also add hair accessories to make the style look more attractive or even create loose strands with the help of a comb to get a messy look.

To create this hairstyle, start the styling with a day old hair as a newly wash hair will not hold properly. If you have wavy or unruly hairs use a flat iron to straighten the hair before starting the styling process. Next spread a shine serum all over the hair to create a side part on one side of the head and the side bun is placed on the opposite side. Brush the entire side of the head at the back to create a low ponytail at the opposite side of the front part. Sweep the bangs across the front of the forehead and pull it into a ponytail. Secure the bangs with bobby pins which are too short against your head. Take the ponytail downward and start twisting the hair which will start to coil around the base of ponytail holder.

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  1. Ma cuz askin if is dis mad hairstyle I goin on d rd wit I told her I not lookin a soul! Can’t like me @ ma worst den u cnt ave me at ma best

  2. Hospitals should employ nail technicians to give me a mani/pedi… I wanna have pretty nails while I heal since I’ve no makeup or hairstyle

  3. How dare this apple head heffa talk like my hair style aint shitting on her nappy ass micros ugh btch gt u a GRWN up hairstyle k? Koo

  4. if there is any hairstyle i’m good @ it has always been 2 pigtail braids or 2 french braids… surprisingly. πŸ™‚ lol hey domo buddy

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