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Izabella Miko’s Faux Bangs


Izabella Miko has got a short hairstyle with Faux Bangs which gives her a pretty good look. This hairstyle can give temporary looks and styles which can be changed according to your outfits and moods. In this the bangs will be hairpieces which are sort of like clip-in extensions. The faux bangs will go at the front of the head to frame your forehead and will not be placed in random parts of the hair. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it can be created with any type of hair.

To achieve this hairstyle, first get a bag of extension hair with the color that is similar to your hair color. Next cut a length of plastic craft mesh from roll which should be about six inches and squeeze a line of hot glue in the center on one side. Push the ends of your hair into the hot glue with four inches width across the strip and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. Press the secondary line of hot glue on the strip just over the hair which was just adhered and squeeze the glued side of the mesh-lined hair underside of the headband and make sure to keep it even. At last cut the hair until it becomes completely enough to look like a set of bangs. You can also cut the excess of the plastic mess in case it is longer than your headband.

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