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Shakira’s Wrap Around Braid


Shakira’s wrap around braid is one of the most unique hairstyle that is worn by most of the women during special occasions. There are many ancient Greek statues can be seen with this hairstyle which thick braids which will be wrapped around either side of the head and then connected in the back. The rest of the hair will be left coiled up or may to flow loose down the back. To create this style as it is try to get help from a hair specialist or just make sure how to start the styling to make things easier. Before starting the styling process first wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual.

Then add a little amount of mousse all over the hair and then blow dry the hair or leave it to dry naturally and most cases straight hair is a perfect choice for braiding. Next part the hair from the middle and place the left out hair on the shoulders. French braid the hair from the right side of the head all the way along and do the same to the left side also or do a regular braid. Cross the ends of both braids together and tuck the ends under the hair. For long hair which cannot be tucked under the hair twist the loose strands around elastic to create a low bun. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling.

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