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Kristen Bell’s Sleek Updo


Kristen Bell has got a sleek updo with a head band which is a very unique hairstyle that usually needs side part and then all of the hair is swept up into a chic bun. This style is perfect for those who like to accentuate the dress and it is also a good to add sophistication to any bride. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle for special events such as the red carpet. It is also considered to be one of the most simple, elegant, hairstyle which looks great with any outfit and for any occasion. This hairstyle is very easy to get this hairstyle by yourself as it just needs few simple techniques.

It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, start the styling by spreading a little amount of hairspray all over the hair when it is still damp and make sure to focus on the ends of the hair. Next blow dry the hair with the help of a large, round brush to make it completely straight. Now brush the hair back of the head to create a high ponytail or smooth bun. Then use your hands to smooth the hair and add a little amount of hairspray to add more shine hair. You can also add a hair band to the hairstyle to make it attractive. It will just take 10-15 minutes to create this hairstyle and it can also be worn to any occasion.

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