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Tyra Banks Crimped Hairstyle


Tyra Banks has got a very beautiful and unique crimped hairstyle. This hairstyle can be created by using a proper crimping tool or without a crimping tool. A crimping iron can be used to create this style, but there is a possibility that it may damage your hair. In this case most of the people prefer to achieve this style without a crimping tool to prevent damages. There are few celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle to have a completely different look. Here are few simple methods that can help to get this hairstyle.

To get this hairstyle, first was your hair completely with a shampoo and rinse the hair before condition it. Then wrap the hair using a towel for few minutes and comb all the hair to prevent tangles. Next spread a little combing cream all over the hair starting from the roots. Make sure to add extra combing cream to ends of the hair. Divide the hair into 4-5 sections and sections and hold it in place with hair pins. Take small portions of hair and use one inch portions for larger crimping and half inch portions for smaller crimping. Twist the hair at the end into a tight coil and secure it with a small hair tie. At last leave the hair to dry naturally before removing all the hair ties. Use your fingers to loosen the hair coils and style it as per your desire style.

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