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Ashley Greene Criss-Cross Hairstyle


Ashley Greene has got a criss-cross hairstyle which is a perfect way of styling the hair for special occasions. There are many celebrities who like to have this hairstyle because it gives a great look. Instead of wearing the usual plain ponytail, you may want to create something new and this style will help you to achieve it. It can be used to help accentuate updos also and having a little practice you can easily create it at home without anyoneโ€™s help.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, first divide the front section of hair at the hairline using a comb and make sure that it is rectangular and fairly narrow. Use a bobby pin to secure it in place and then separate the second section on one side of the first section. The second section must be triangular and slightly overlap the first section. Next spritz the first section with a hairspray and then add little amount of hair gel. Take the second section on the other side of your hair and twist it slightly. Part the third section on the other side of the first section which must be triangular in shape. Now divide the original section to twist and cross over the opposite side. Then pull the pieces back by crossing over and pinning it in place. Make sure to cross the pieces over each other and follow the same process to the other side of the head.

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