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Sarah Michelle Gellar Messy Ponytail


Sarah Michelle Gellar has got a very simple and messy ponytail which gives her a gorgeous look. This hairstyle will consume very less time to achieve it and it can also suit anyone with medium to long hair. Most of the celebrities prefer to style their hair in this way. A simple and messy ponytail is considered to be a carefree hairstyle which works in about any setting starting from office to club. It is easy to create this hairstyle without getting help from any hair specialist and with any type of hair, but make sure that it is at least shoulder length.

To get this hairstyle, begin the styling by brushing the hair completely to remove any tangles. Next collect the entire hair to create a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use elastic to wrap it once around the base of the ponytail and while wrapping it around the second time, avoid pulling the entire pony through the elastic. Just pull half of the pony through the elastic and leave other half as it is. Continue wrapping the hair again and pull some of the hair through the elastic by leaving some out which give a messy look. You can also pull more hair out of the elastic to create a messy look. At last spread a little amount of shine serum on your palms and apply it all over the hair to avoid flyaways along the sides of the ponytail.

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