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Natalie Portman’s One-Sided Twist


Natalie Portman’s beautiful hairstyle with one-sided twist can be a perfect choice for those who have thick or curly hair. There are many hairstyles that can be created having long hair, but this one can be considered as a special one. Most of the people will wear ponytail, pigtail, French braid and even traditional braid, but only few people create this hairstyle to get a very unique look. This style is very easy to create and it also takes only few minutes to complete it by anyone. Here are few ways that can help to achieve this hairstyle in no time.

Start the styling procedure by brushing the hair thoroughly to make the hair less tangy. Divide the hair into two sections and use the end of a comb to create a center line on the head. Take one of the sections that was divided to twist the entire chunk of the hair to the right in a clockwise direction and use your both hands to twist the hair. Next twist the other sections and take the left section of twisted hair with your left hand. Pull the right section of hair with your right hand and wind both the sections around each other in a counterclockwise direction. At last hold the ends with one hand and tightly wind a hair tie around the ends of the other hand. Twist the hairpieces clockwise along with the counterclockwise twist to hold in place.

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