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Ciara’s Cornrow Hairstyle


Ciara has got a cornrow hairstyle which is suitable and most beautiful hairstyles which look perfect for both men and women. This style is used by many famous celebrities and most of them also discover this wonderful hair sculpture every day. It is a conventional African hair sculpture which can be created by braiding the hair in a arithmetical and a geometric way. It is like an inside out French braid and it also varies from simple to very complex. This hairstyle is also habitual style which was started from African source as the hair is strongly braided near to your scalp. It can be created in a simple, straight line and also in a complicated geometric design.

To create this style, start by parting the hair using a rat tail comb and make sure it is created in the way how cornrows will lay. Next pin up the loose hair using hair clips and then collect the hair on the top of your parted section to separate it into three strands. Start braiding your cornrow from right strand over the middle strand to make it come over the new middle strand. Use the strand on the left over the middle strand to make left strand the middle strand. Then braid the hair all the way till the end and avoid leaving any lose strands anywhere. At last use an elastic band to hold the end of the cornrow to end your styling process.

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