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Catherine Zeta Jones’s Pouf Hairstyle


Catherine Zeta Jones has got a beautiful pouf hairstyle which was first started in the 18th century. This hairstyle was spotted on celebrities including Marie Antoinette, Queen of France when she attended the Louis XVIโ€™s coronation. It became a very famous hairstyle among all the people in all the class as it is known to be a very highly creative and artistic style. This style can be decorated using ornaments including pearls, headdresses, hair jewelry, plumage or hats. It was also received by most of the people in most of the countries in Europe and United Kingdom in the same period. The hairstyle is also very delicate after you create it and it consumes lot of time for many people to achieve it.

To get this style, you can use a thin metal frame to create the shape and make sure it is padded and intertwined with the pomaded false hair. Next curl the pomaded hair in a similar way once you end the shaping and styling. After that it must be styled with a white or grey powder. The height of the style will vary from subtle three feet or in some cases it may be a height of six feet. This style can easily stay on your head for a week before it loses its shape and you can wash it again as well as redone again. Most of the people will wear calashes to save the hairstyle from wind and dirt.

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