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Keri Hilson Punk Rock Angles


Keri Hilson has got a very unique and beautiful hairstyle with punk rock angles which are gaining more popularity among most of the women. This style easily helps you to change your appearance and also give a very punk rock look. It will look very simple, but you may face few problems in creating it at home. Try to get help from a hair stylist to make the style look perfect as it needs more help than any other hairstyle. Here are few simple steps to get this hairstyle and also make it look good.

To achieve this hairstyle, first wash the hair completely and mist all over the hair with a texturizing hairspray when the hair is still damp. Next scrunch the hair using your fingers and spread a hairspray all over the hair. Also make sure to use a generous amount of hair products all over the hair and dry the hair using a paddle brush upward, sideways and around the head. Dry the hair with a straightening iron by keeping the heat from medium to high and then mist the hair using a texturizing spray. Now start pulling the ends of the outward using a straightening iron to make the hairstyle look wild. Try to style the hair by standing in front of a mirror and also make sure the hair looks good. Finally apply a little amount of serum on the fingers to spread it over the hair.

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