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Kim Kardashian’s Fishtail Braid


Kim Kardashian has got a fishtail braid which is one of the most popular hairstyles among the teens. This style can easily give a very adorable as well as practical look which can also make you look very young. It can help you to keep the hair away from your face while doing any work as it is braided at the back of the head. The style can be a little juvenile for older women, but they wear it for any special occasions. There are also many celebrities who wear this hairstyle to get a young look. Here are few steps that can help to achieve this hairstyle is a very easy way.

To get this hairstyle, start the styling by brushing the hair and then part it at the center of your head. Secure the hair on the side of the hair to keep it away during the braiding process. Separate the one part of your hair to create two sections front of the head, at the temple and part. Cross the right section of the hair on the middle section to make the middle section. Next cross the left section over the middle section to make it the middle section. Continue to braid the hair until you come to end of the hair. Follow the same braiding procedure on the other part of the hair which was secured earlier. Finally secure the hair using a tie and take it from the other side of your head.

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