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Kellie Pickler’s Hairstyle With Headband


Kellie Pickler has got a headband on a curly bob which can make anyone look a little more stylish. Many people wear a headband to keep their hair in place and to avoid any flyaways, but some of them wear it to make the hairstyle to look more unique. There are many celebrities who like to wear this type of hairstyle with a hair band as it can be created very easily. Most of the people with straight or curly hair can achieve this style by just following these simple steps. If you don’t have a naturally curly hair you may have a small amount of volume on the head and those who have straight hair can have more volume to make it more curly.

To achieve this style on a curly hair, start by washing your hair completely and then comb it straight. Cut the hair at the neckline and then at the back around to the front of your head to retract at least an inch when the hair becomes dry. Now cut the layers in the hair and then make the sides to fall over your chin line to get texture to the bob as well as volume to the curls. At last apply a styling gel all over your hair to avoid any flyaways and dry the hair naturally. If you want try to spread a little amount of frizz easing product and leave it to dry naturally.

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