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Aimee Teegarden’s Unkempt Ponytail


Aimee Teegarden has got unkempt ponytail which is a beautiful way of styling the hair without making it sluggish. This hairstyle will have loose strands all around your face which is known as a frumpy look and most of the people will wear this hairstyle during work out and during running errands. This hairstyle can be achieved by taking the hair back just above your neck or at the middle of your head and then secure it with elastic band. The hair can be brushed or smoothened in this style and a little amount of styling products can be used to get this style. There are many celebrities like to style their hair in this manner as it can give a beautiful as well as simple look in a easy way.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, start the styling with an unwashed hair and then apply a little amount of styling cream all over your hair. Use a round bristle brush and tease the hair over and at the crown of your head. Mist the hair using a hairspray and flip the hair upside down. Next take the hair in one hand and create a ponytail and then brush the hair to avoid flyaways. Finally use elastic that is perfect for your hair color to hold the hair and leave few loose hair by pulling it using your hands in front of your face. Mist a little amount of hairspray all over your hair to end.

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