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Feather Your Layered Hair


Having a feather hairstyle can make anyone look beautiful with thinned-out tips which are lighter and also easier to curl out and shape. But having a layered hair cannot make you look in a way which can be achieved with a feather hair. There are many hairstylist who can feather a layered hair which may make you spend some some from your pocket, but this types of hairstyle can be achieved at home very easily without any issue. To create this style you must have the proper tools and also follow the correct technique to make your look beautiful.

To get a feathered hairstyle with a layered hair, first you must use a comb to brush the hair completely to remove any tangles. Next take a one inch section of the hair which is all in the same layer and then try to pull it tight by holding the ends in the middle of your fingers. Start rubbing a razor comb back and forth over the tips of the section of your hair which will help to thin out the ends and also create a light feathered look. Now use the same process to all the sections of the hair by thinning away the ends. Apply a little amount of hair wax in your fingers and pinch the ends of your hair to define the feathered layers. At last blow dry the hair with a round brush and spritz a hairspray to hold the hair in place.

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