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Emmy Rossum’s Marcel Waves


Emmy Rossum has got a new hairstyle with marcel waves which looks similar to a finger wave and it is also been a popular styling technique from the 1870s. This style is known to be a high level of fashion for years and many things including combs and irons will be used to create this hairstyle. This is also known to be one of the first hairstyles that embraced the look of a short hair on most of the women. The hairstyle gives a wavy as well as cropped look and it is famous among many celebrities as they often wear it for special occasions.

It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, first was your hair completely and dry it in a natural way. Spritz all over the hair using a conditioning spray which will help to reduce frizz and create more smoother waves. Start brushing the hair to spread the spray evenly and create a side part. Use hot rollers to your hair and make it set for 15-20 minutes. Next mist all over the hair using a heat protectant spray which will save from damaging the hair. Now you can create marcel wave starting from top of your hair and use wide barrel curling iron on top of your head for 15 seconds. Twist the iron upside down and clamp it on the section of the hair for about 15 seconds to create marcel waves and make it fall on forehead.

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