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Keira Knightley With Elfin Haircut


Keira Knightley has got a short elfin haircut which is a most preferred style by most of the people with short hair. It has been there for a long time now and many people have been updating this hairstyle day by day. There will be shorter hair at the sides with wispy bangs and you will not find a textured cut. This style is also known to be low maintenance hairstyle because the hair at the sides and back off your head will be cut very close. Try to use a razor-cutting technique to create this type of hairstyle and it will also soften your facial features as well as taper the ends of the hair. Here are few simple way that can help you to get this hairstyle easily.

To achieve this hairstyle, start the styling process cutting your hair in a layered contoured shape and make sure to leave fringe on the both sides and neck. The hair at the crown must be cut shorter and bangs must be cut below your brows and then sweep it to the side. Try to tapper the ends of your hair with a razor cut which will soften the facial look. Now wash your hair and dry it naturally. Next apply cream all over your hair and blow dry it using a small round brush. Start spreading a little amount of shine serum on your palms and apply it all over the hair to create a shiny look.

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