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Hairstyle With Tight Waves


Having a hairstyle with tight waves can look fashionable and feminine always which can be achieved easily if the hair is naturally curly. In case the hair is not curly, there are few ways that help to get it. Loose waves can be easier to create when compared to tight waves but it may take a bit more work. To create the spirals and ringlets you must be using a combination of styling products along with heat styling tools. Here are few simple steps that can help you to create this hairstyle without any problem.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, start the styling process by spraying a little amount of thermal setting spray when the hair is still damp. Make sure to mist the roots all the way to the ends of the hair. Leave the hair air to dry naturally or you can also use a blow dryer only if needed. Next wrap one inch sections of the hair around a small-barrel curling iron and make sure that the wrapping starts at the top and continue all the way to the bottom of the curling iron. Leave it about 15-30 seconds before releasing the hair and then do the same to other sections of the hair. At last mist all over the hair with a lightly hairspray and use your fingers to divide the curls in a gentle manner to end the styling, but avoid pulling the hair out.

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