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Edwardian Hairstyle


Edwardian hairstyle was very popular during the period 1901 to 1914. Women used to have tight waists and full bustles along with this hairstyle. The hairstyle used to be worn as voluminous as possible similar to a pompadour style and it can be achieved by the development of permanent curling which created fuller hair which was accentuated by pinning the curls. This hairstyle was adorned with flat hats and jewels.

To get this hairstyle, first take loose hair from the brush and fill two hairnets with silk stockings. Avoid washing your hair a day before the styling process and pin the rat on the side of the head, then pin it to ensure stability. Pin the bangs away from the face and take one side of the hair to pin it the rat. The front must have a pouf and ends must stay loose in case of long hair. Sprtiz the hair with a hairspray flip out the front hair which should merge with the rest of your hair seamlessly. Collect the ends of the hair to create a ponytail or add a clip to the ponytail to make it bulky if the hair is short. Finally wrap the hair around your ponytail and create a large bun. Pin the bun in place at anywhere on the head starting from the nape to your crown. For a traditional Edwardian hairstyle place the bun near to the crown and mist all over the hair with a hairspray.

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