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Taylor Swift With Big Curls


Taylor Swift has got a hairstyle with big curls which are a very unique way of styling the hair. Most of the women get bored of their usual hairstyle which can be changed by wearing this type of hairstyle. This style is very easy to create, but you must make sure to have at least medium to long hair to get the perfect look. To get this hairstyle you must have a set of hot rollers and a comb. Here are few simple ways that can help to achieve this style in a very easy manner.

Start the styling procedure by washing your hair using a good moisturizing shampoo and use a good body-building conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel in a very soft and gentle manner. Spread a little amount of hair gel or a styling mousse all over the hair when it is slightly damp. Separate the hair into three equal parts and clip two of them up to keep it out of the way. Use the hot roller 2 inches above the end of the section which was divided and then wrap it around the roller. Continue the rolling process over the divided section of hair and repeat the same to the remaining two sections. The rollers must be kept in the hair until they become cool and remove it to arrange the curls using your fingers. At last spritz the hair with a light hairspray to control the frizzies.

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